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How to Hire A Band Or DJ_ What You Should Know – Wedding Planning Ideas – Popular Wedding Songs Music

28 Sep
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Photo Credits:
DJ — Geoff White Photographers
First Dance Songs — Jasmine Star
Dancing Bride and Groom — Sara Remington of Anna Kuperberg Photography
Processional Songs — Nicole Hill Gerulat
Violinist — Geoff White Photographers
Band –- Innovative Photography

How to Employ a Band or DJ: What You must Know

1. You need to book your band or DJ at least 8-12 months ahead of time. Most bands price between $300 to $750 per musician for four hours. DJs can cost between $250-$500 per hour.

2. There are lots of ways to discover a fantastic cheap prom dresses band or DJ: Ask photographers, site managers, and caterers for suggestions. Call your neighborhood musician’s union, or look at entertainment “brokers,” who manage and book bands, DJs and other performers. If you are on a budget, neighborhood music schools and community colleges are great places to search for a band.

3. Interview a couple of distinct acts. Discover if they’re open to playing the songs you would like them to, and understand what styles of music they love. If you want a particular genre, go straight to the source. No use hiring a classical vocalist to sing power pop. By exactly the same token, if your wedding needs a mix of pop and jazz, classics and country, you’ll should locate a band that has the chops for your eclectic requests.

4. Make sure the musicians can take care of their own amplifiers, instruments and sound systems. Based on the size of your venue, your DJ will most likely want a minimum of 4 speakers, two amplifiers and two CD players so there is no break within the music. And back-up equipment is imperative in case equipment fails.

5. It is also important to be aware that typically, for every 45 minutes of music, a band will anticipate a fifteen-minute break. Sometimes these breaks can throw off the pacing of your reception — but if the band or DJ is familiar using the wedding circuit, they’ll be able to space their breaks to coincide with opportune times. On occasion, musicians will play via their break for an additional fee. Ask ahead of time.

6. Will your band leader or DJ make an excellent master of discount prom dresses ceremonies? In other words, can your guy (or gal) play and talk in the very same time? Most couples rely on their DJ or band leader to guide them by way of the wedding celebration, announcing every little thing from the first dance to the garter toss. Is your choose up for the job?

7. What are the hidden expenses? Will your band charge far more for studying your very first dance song? Just how much will they charge for overtime? Is there an early load-in charge? What about meals for the band? Also, who’s your make contact with if anything modifications? Be sure to get the telephone, cell and pager numbers you’ll need.

8. Be clear about what you desire your band or DJ to wear to your wedding. You possibly will not want them in t-shirts and shorts, so make sure they know what you expect.
9. Be positive they perform their sound checks well ahead of their talents are needed. You possibly don’t want your guests arriving to the ear-piercing sounds of feedback!

10. Check the written proposal to make certain it includes all of the points you’ve discussed once you first met.