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How to Hire A Band Or DJ_ What You Should Know – Wedding Planning Ideas – Popular Wedding Songs Music

28 Sep
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Photo Credits:
DJ — Geoff White Photographers
First Dance Songs — Jasmine Star
Dancing Bride and Groom — Sara Remington of Anna Kuperberg Photography
Processional Songs — Nicole Hill Gerulat
Violinist — Geoff White Photographers
Band –- Innovative Photography

How to Employ a Band or DJ: What You must Know

1. You need to book your band or DJ at least 8-12 months ahead of time. Most bands price between $300 to $750 per musician for four hours. DJs can cost between $250-$500 per hour.

2. There are lots of ways to discover a fantastic cheap prom dresses band or DJ: Ask photographers, site managers, and caterers for suggestions. Call your neighborhood musician’s union, or look at entertainment “brokers,” who manage and book bands, DJs and other performers. If you are on a budget, neighborhood music schools and community colleges are great places to search for a band.

3. Interview a couple of distinct acts. Discover if they’re open to playing the songs you would like them to, and understand what styles of music they love. If you want a particular genre, go straight to the source. No use hiring a classical vocalist to sing power pop. By exactly the same token, if your wedding needs a mix of pop and jazz, classics and country, you’ll should locate a band that has the chops for your eclectic requests.

4. Make sure the musicians can take care of their own amplifiers, instruments and sound systems. Based on the size of your venue, your DJ will most likely want a minimum of 4 speakers, two amplifiers and two CD players so there is no break within the music. And back-up equipment is imperative in case equipment fails.

5. It is also important to be aware that typically, for every 45 minutes of music, a band will anticipate a fifteen-minute break. Sometimes these breaks can throw off the pacing of your reception — but if the band or DJ is familiar using the wedding circuit, they’ll be able to space their breaks to coincide with opportune times. On occasion, musicians will play via their break for an additional fee. Ask ahead of time.

6. Will your band leader or DJ make an excellent master of discount prom dresses ceremonies? In other words, can your guy (or gal) play and talk in the very same time? Most couples rely on their DJ or band leader to guide them by way of the wedding celebration, announcing every little thing from the first dance to the garter toss. Is your choose up for the job?

7. What are the hidden expenses? Will your band charge far more for studying your very first dance song? Just how much will they charge for overtime? Is there an early load-in charge? What about meals for the band? Also, who’s your make contact with if anything modifications? Be sure to get the telephone, cell and pager numbers you’ll need.

8. Be clear about what you desire your band or DJ to wear to your wedding. You possibly will not want them in t-shirts and shorts, so make sure they know what you expect.
9. Be positive they perform their sound checks well ahead of their talents are needed. You possibly don’t want your guests arriving to the ear-piercing sounds of feedback!

10. Check the written proposal to make certain it includes all of the points you’ve discussed once you first met.


9 Trendy Ways to Save on Your Wedding – Wedding Trends – Wedding Budget

27 Sep

Are you newly engaged this holiday season? As you are probably beginning to comprehend, preparing a wedding can actually cost you! It’s hard to stick to your spending budget when you’re attempting to ideal the day you’ve been anticipating for so lengthy. But, as long as you are willing to be just a little flexible, there is often a strategy to save on your huge day with out producing too several compromises. Here are formal prom dresses nine cost-cutting (and trendy!) tips to try!

1. Go With Posy Bouquets

Picking out a gorgeous posy bouquet for your maids to carry can aid preserve your flower costs at bay. The posy is actually a rounded bouquet that typically consists of 1 sort of little flower bound tightly together and accented with ribbons or other decoration. Sticking to 1 bloom selection will save you money, and you will not need to have to purchase as several, because these bouquets are designed to show off a great deal of style in a little package.

2. Serve a Signature Drink

Having an open bar at your wedding is a generous gesture, however it will price you! Alcohol is among the most pricey items in a catering budget. Save cash with this fun alternative: Style a signature cocktail recipe to introduce in the cocktail hour, and then serve it throughout the reception. Your guests will drink just as significantly, but you won’t devote half as much keeping the bar stocked.

3. Trade in your Cake for Cupcakes

A lovely cupcake tower can be just as eye-catching as a tiered cake, and it won’t price you an arm and a leg. For starters, you won’t need to pay a cake-cutting fee: Numerous web sites charge to cut a cake produced by an offsite baker given that the venue staff will probably be responsible for cutting, serving, and cleaning up afterward. It will expense you anyplace from $2 to $5 per guest. No one has to cut cupcakes! Also bear in mind that those small sugar flowers as well as other embellishments you see on a traditional wedding cake are both expensive and time consuming, so you are sparing your designer significant assembly and decoration time that they won’t want to bill you for.

4. Host an Hors d’Oeuvres-Only Reception

There’s no rule that says you should serve a formal entree at your reception if it is not dinnertime. Mix points up a little by asking your caterer to fill the menu with a lot of widely appealing mini foods, like sliders or crab cakes, and then have them shop prom dresses passed all through the evening. Skipping the sit-down service will preserve guests mingling and your budget under control. (Just make sure to tell your guests beforehand that a full dinner won’t be served so they are able to program accordingly.)

5. Hire an Old-School DJ

Remember those amazing college parties back inside the day? A great DJ spinning your favorite tunes from the ’80s and ’90s, giant speakers in every single corner, plus a room full of happy men and women are all you should have an excellent time. Take a cue from the excellent ol’ days when you are booking your reception entertainment. Hiring a nearby DJ that is a actual crowd-pleaser will not price as much as booking a live entertainment act, and it is possible to bet they’ll maintain items exciting.

6. Register for Your Honeymoon

Now that you’ve emptied your bank accounts on the wedding, you’re possibly questioning how on earth you will afford a honeymoon. Registering for romantic activities (believe: couples massage) or funds toward your flight or hotel reservations may well aid. Increasingly more companies, like Traveler’s Joy or Starwood, are offering couples the chance to put a little honeymoon fun ahead of new flatware. It is perfectly acceptable to produce a honeymoon registry in addition to your classic 1.

7. Use Balloons As opposed to Flowers

Filling a room with flowers isn’t the only approach buy prom dresses to set the scene. Creatively displaying colorful balloons can also transform a space — and for a fraction of what you’d invest on a large floral display. On average, a couple will devote 10 to 15 percent of their wedding budget on flowers. Envision what else you could to do with all that money you will save! Are balloons sounding just a little far better now?

8. Host a Sunday Brunch Reception

Saturday may be the most well-known day for weddings, so deciding to throw yours on a Friday or Sunday indicates a significantly more affordable venue rate. If your heart isn’t set on marrying beneath the stars, push the wedding up to the early afternoon so you can serve a laid-back brunch in lieu of a four-course dinner. Bonus: Your guests will not wish to drink as significantly, so you will save on your bar tab too.

9. Decorate With an Underrated Flower

Don’t turn up your nose at common flowers like chrysanthemums and carnations just yet — these long-lasting, budget-friendly blooms are full of wedding possibilities. The carnation offers an inexpensive way to bring lushness and color to bouquets and arrangements. Mums are versatile too — they are able to be identified in a range of bold colors and may be effortlessly incorporated into any wedding style.

5 Things To Know Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping – Wedding Planning Ideas – Wedding Fashion

26 Sep

A wise bride knows that shopping for your wedding dress is both an art and a struggle. Finding the perfect gown requires patience and a whole lot of preparation. Check out these five tips every bride should know before she goes.

Determine Your Personal Style

Before you make an appointment with a dress salon, take your cheap prom dresses time and research popular gown styles so you can determine what you’re really looking for in a wedding dress. Which silhouette is right for your body type? Trumpet? Ball gown? A-line? Are you partial to a certain neckline? Sweetheart? Strapless? Halter? You don’t have to make a decision before hit the store, but be you should be familiar with what’s out there, what you want, and what you’re willing to spend.

Keep the Theme in Mind

Planning a formal wedding? Keeping it beach-casual? A wedding dress that’s appropriate for a black-tie affair (floor-length, with intricate detailing) looks much different than a dress that’s perfect for fun in the sun (shorter, with lighter fabric and minimal embellishments). Plan to limit your selections to gowns that are appropriate for your wedding theme. Consider the season as well. Lighter fabrics, like silk tulle, organza, and charmeuse, and tea-length skirts are fine for spring, but winter weddings call for heavier fabrics and longer lengths. Once you’ve narrowed down your style, scour the web and magazines for pictures of your favorite wedding gowns. Bring them along to your appointment so the sales associate has a better idea of what you’re looking for.

Think About Your Hair

Though we’re not recommending that you book a pricey salon discount prom dresses appointment before your first dress fitting, it is a good idea to wear your hair in a style similar to the one you’re planning to have on your wedding day. Your hairstyle, along with your accessories, will complete your bridal look. If you try on a gown while your hair is down and love the way it looks, you might wind up unpleasantly surprised with how much the look has changed if you end up opting for an updo.

Go Au Naturel

The day you’re headed to the bridal salon, ditch your usual scent and makeup. As much as you may want to look (and smell) good that day, cosmetics can actually stain or damage gown samples. Messy deodorant is another gown-shopping no-no. Wear an invisible or clear type and opt for a gel instead of a powder. The same goes for your first official fitting. (The last thing you ever want to do is damage your dress before you’ve worn it, right?)

Go Lingerie Shopping

There is no one bra or pair of panties that will work with formal prom dresses every gown, but if you have a pretty good idea of what you want to buy, bringing the right bra is a plus. Have your heart set on something satin? Choose a contouring bra and panty set to ensure your body has a sleek silhouette. Have a large chest? Wear a minimizer to make your bust appear smaller, or your best push-up bra to add curves. If you don’t want to wear a body slimmer, consider bringing a good pair of control top pantyhose instead — they can work miracles!

9 Celebrity Looks for Your Wedding Day

22 Sep

Every bride wants to stand out her wedding day (actually, who does not?), however it may take a bit Hollywood inspiration to ensure that you are a total knockout when you walk down the aisle. Wish to know how it is possible to transform formal prom dresses your self into the ultimate A-lister, minus the designer cost tag? Check out these celebrity essentials for ’09.

The Dress

Think glamorous, romantic, and goddess-like. There’s absolutely nothing shy about this season’s sexy silhouettes — more is definitely far more!

Big Dress Details: Crystal belts, crumb catchers, ruffled rows, and huge bows are just a few of the fabulous finishes that have been spotted on the red carpet this award show season. While stars like Heidi Klum went for shock value (her Golden Globes look featured a black and red polka dot vintage Galanos dress with a large rosette), we were awed by elegant crumb catcher detailing (Globes presenter Kate Beckinsale gets our best-dressed vote), and by significant, ornate bows (like the one on Katy Perry’s Grammy selection — a pink Basil Soda gown).

Bare Shoulders: Asymmetrical tops and halter straps are a need to this season. While strapless dresses will most most likely usually be a wedding staple, an asymmetrical appear adds a demure finish to an evening gown. Cameron Diaz dazzled in the shop prom dresses Golden Globes in a bright pink asymmetrical Chanel Haute Couture gown; Oscar preferred Kate Winslet kept cameras clicking as she slinked down the red carpet at the BAFTAs in a black Zac Posen halter dress. Bonus: Each of these styles manages to flatter both a slim silhouette and brides using a fuller figure!

Bold Blues and Soft Yellows: Bright blues and canary hues have been tough to miss this award show season. These fresh colors can add zing to your wedding color palette when paired with a soft metallic. Golden goddesses Christina Applegate and Marisa Tomei have lately heated up the red carpet in delicate daffodil, although stars like Angelina Jolie and Nicolette Sheridan struck a pose in rich, ocean-inspired tones.

The Accessories

Forget dainty layered necklaces and delicate chandelier earrings — this season’s A-list accessories are as bold as the stars that’ve been spotted wearing them!

Statement Jewelry: Huge earrings, chunky necklaces, cocktail rings, and cuff bracelets have taken over the red carpet this season. In the Golden Globes, actress Eva Mendes wowed fashion critics with her fabulous turquoise and diamond Van Cleef & Arpels statement necklace, while singer Leona Lewis and reality TV star Kim Kardashian get our Grammy vote for their selection of ring bling.

Chic Clutches: Matchy-matchy dress-and-clutch combos have been put on the back burner this season in favor of bright, poppy bags that add a sharp contrast to the dress. Drew Barrymore paired a red-hot Roger Vivier clutch with her sky blue gown at the Globes, although Sandra Bullock went having a turquoise Alexandra Knight clutch that brightly offset her pale pink ruffled dress.

Hot Heels: Get ready to step out in style! A lot more and a lot more buy prom dresses stars (and regular brides just like you) are taking a color palette into account when choosing their shoes. We liked the towering perfection of Kate Hudson’s turquoise Guiseppe Zanotti two-toned pumps at the People’s Option Awards, but we loved the brilliant color contrast of Evan Rachel Wood’s teal Monique Lhuillier gown and her bright purple Sergio Rossi shoes in the SAG Awards.

Hair and Makeup

When it comes to red carpet beauty, it’s all about softness and femininity. Large curls, side ponytails, and rosy lips are just a number of the many sophisticated looks we’ve seen this award show season.

Loose Curls: Effortless glamour is the appear of moment, as shown by America Ferrera at the SAG Awards. Her wavy side pony was a hit with fans, whilst Taylor Swift’s casual pin curls at the Grammys made this teen appear sophisticated, but not overtly sexy.

Pretty Bangs: Bangs have taken more than Hollywood, with celebs like Penelope Cruz and Miley Cyrus sporting multiple variations of this appear. Whilst Cyrus has mostly stuck with a middle or side part, Cruz chose to channel her inner Holly Golightly at the BAFTAs with razor-cut bangs, adding a vintage twist to her modern ensemble.

Pink Lips: From light pink to bright berry, Hollywood’s fashionistas seem to have abandoned their usual vampy reds in favor of a softer pucker. Salma Hayek was spotted at the Golden Globes looking fresh and modern wearing NARS’ rosy Tutti Fruiti lip color, while perpetual award show nominee Anne Hathaway picked a bold pink that really popped: Chanel’s Rouge Hydrabase lipstick in Lotus Rouge.

planning and preparation

21 Sep

preparing & preparationthe timetablechoosing your bridesmaidsattending bridal showsecond weddingsplanning worksheetsCongratulations!You have a ring on your finger and a bright, sparkling future ahead of you! Let the wedding preparing begin! To ensure the process is as stress free as possible, follow these tried and true tips.stay organizedWhile it may seem like a no-brainer, when you are trying to choose a? photographer during buy prom dresses your lunch break and trying to book a reception hall between social commitments, things can get a little harried. Arranging a wedding is not a simple “sit-down-and-work-till-it’s- done” kind of project; oftentimes you have multiple projects at once. So stay organized!settle on a wedding budgetWhere does wedding preparing truly begin? With the numbers! Plan your budget before you get carried away with other wedding details. Determine how much you want to spend and how much assistance, if any, you will receive from family tip:Avoid two common budgeting traps:1) Do not expect more cash wedding gifts than you may actually receive.2) Do not under-budget wedding and honeymoon expenses.You will also need to decide who pays for what. See the traditional breakdown below. While these financial roles are generally followed, there are modern day variations. As the average marriage age for couples rises, many couples undertake the wedding expenses themselves. Sometimes families will give a specified dollar amount and allow the couple to spend it however they choose.


Others will offer to help out with a particular aspect of the wedding. No matter what financial assistance is offered, the wedding is ultimately the couple’s financial responsibility.Be realistic about your expenditures. Make a list of all the cheap prom dresses different vendors you will need and allocate a portion of your budget to each, prioritizing when necessary. If the costs keep piling up, don’t panic! There are ways to trim costs without sacrificing vendor quality.Once you have settled on the bottom line, secure estimated prices with a contract to help keep you within your budget. See the “Budget Expense Record” in the Worksheet section to help keep track of your finances. And stick to your budget!Financial experts advise against going into debt for your wedding because it is much better to start a marriage without needless liabilities.using professionalsA wedding is probably the most expensive party you will ever throw. It is temptingfor a couple to try to save money by enlisting the help of family and friends or by undertaking much of the responsibility themselves, but there are clear advantagesto working with the experts. Weddings are a unique event and those who specialize in them know how to handle just about any circumstance a couple may have. Wedding professionals deal with weddings on a daily basis and build their businesses on knowing what is proper and popular when it comes to weddings.When choosing professionals to work with, keep both the wedding budget and quality of services desired in mind. Compare the work of different professionals. Choose people who know their business, who show interest and kindness, and who listen and spend time with their customers. In businesses that have multi-person staffs, be sure to meet with the person who will actually handle your wedding and see samples of their work.Make appointments instead of just dropping in. This is both thoughtful and necessary because of the professionals’ own busy schedules. It also ensures that complete attention is given to your own particular meeting. Keep appointments and be on time. Get back to them when they are waiting to hear back. Let the businesses know if their services will not be needed (other couples may be missing out because a date was held). Be? organized and try to give as much information as possible so they can do their job.contractsTo ensure that your day is as close to perfect as you imagine, it is necessary to “get it in writing.” Paperwork is certainly a less glamorous aspect of wedding arranging, but it plays a crucial role in keeping misunderstandings to a minimum.When a wedding professional provides a contract, make sure you read every line and ask any questions you may have. Compile a list of details you find important so you can incorporate them into the contract.Make sure your contracts include basic information such as the time and date of the wedding. You will also want to include more specific points such as a spending cap (if there is a clause allowing for unforeseen expenses) and detailed refund policies (in case you want to cancel or they don’t fulfill their end of the agreement).Even if you have signed a contract, you can still make changes. Just make sure the change is in writing and signedby both parties. Don’t forget to keep a copy of all the paperwork!marriage legalitiesMore than likely you have dreamed of your wedding day since you were a little girl. You have imagined every detail from your dress to the flowers to the food. Sometimes it is hard to see beyond all the wedding plans to life afterward. Marriage is not only a binding commitment in the eyes of you and your spouse, but also in the eyes of the law. The legal ramifications are far-reaching. You may not be aware that married persons have many legal rights and benefits. Legal advisors can help you navigate this category of law that now applies to you. Whether you need advice on how to handle prenuptial agreements and marital property, or you want to learn about the various tax, estate organizing, government, employment, consumer, and decision-making benefits you can receive, it is helpful to consult the professionals.who pays for whatToday as many couples are waiting until later in life to get married, many are taking on more of the expense of the wedding than in years past. Although traditionally the bride and her family have paid for the majority of the wedding, modern times are showing countless options when it comes to who pays for what. Depending on the financial status of the couple and their respective families, costs may be shared on any or all items relating to the wedding. While some parents may offer help with a particular part of the wedding, others will give a gift of a specified dollar amount to let the couple choose how to spend it. Whatever decisions are made concerning who pays for what, the couple is ultimately responsible for the costs and should be appreciative of any assistance they receive.The following list of “Who Pays For What” offers discount prom dresses both a traditional break-down as well as some modern ideas:traditionally the bride and her family usually pay for:? Invitations and announcements (including postage)? Bride’s wedding dress and accessories? Bridesmaids’ and Flower Girl bouquets? Groom’s Boutonniere? Bridesmaids’ party or luncheon? Flowers and rental costs for the church and reception site? Engagement and wedding photography and videography? Musicians at both the wedding and reception? Food, beverages, and related professional services (catering) for the reception? Wedding cake? Gifts for the bridesmaids (and accommodations, if necessary)? Groom’s wedding gift? Groom’s wedding ring? Transportation for the wedding party on the wedding daytraditionally the groom and his family usually pay for:? Marriage license? Clergyman’s fee? Rehearsal dinner? Bride’s bouquet and going-away flowers? Corsages for mothers and boutonnieres for men in the wedding party? Gifts for the groomsmen and ushers (and accommodations, if necessary)? Bride’s wedding gift? Bride’s engagement and wedding rings? Honeymoon? Groom’s wedding attiresome contemporary ideasThere are countless options, to be sure. The bride’s bouquet, for example, can be included with the flowers her family buys. The mothers’ and grandmothers’ flowers, as well as the men’s boutonnieres, can also be part of this package.The groom’s side can offer to share the cost of any part or all of the wedding.Dresses and tuxedos (or suits) worn by the bridesmaids and groomsmen are usually paid for by each attendant. The bride and groom, how

Planning a Beautiful Wedding in an Ugly Economy

20 Sep

Positive, really like is timeless, but why did your wedding and the celebration of that enjoy insist on arriving at a time when the economy made the decision to take a hiatus?? Budgets are tight, and that huge spending budget you always imagined demands to remain in savings in case of an emergency.?? However, I can not give you suggestions on riding out these tough economic occasions; I can only offer you my very best discount prom dresses wishes together with money saving suggestions I have gathered over the many years as CEO of American Bridal.? Nevertheless, you don’t have to settle for something however the wedding of the dreams.?

You have waited for this day considering that you were just a little girl, and I need to fill you in on a little secret that will make certain an wonderful wedding; ?by saving cash on the tiny issues, it is possible to afford to spend on the wedding components that matter. Do-it-Yourself Wedding Favors & Decorations Making your own wedding favors?is the single best thing it is possible to do to save dollars.? By purchasing the elements separately, you are able to create beautiful and personalized favors that guests will truly appreciate, and you will save incredible amounts of money on the prepackaging.? Those bridesmaids are there for a reason, so plan a fun get-together and put them to work!? Providing champagne or delicious sweet treats is a great way to reel them in and thank them for their hard work.

For a favor idea that is easy to create and pleases crowds every time, buy some beautiful gift boxes, ribbon personalized with your names and also the wedding date, and fill boxes with a delightful surprise.? Candy and candy-coated nuts are traditional and beloved; who doesn’t want a sugary midnight snack for later?!? Personalized candy, chocolate, and cookies are available at some exclusive wedding favor websites.? You can also choose to fill the boxes with small trinkets or jewelry, sachets, or any other creative filler it is possible to imagine. ??Another idea is to buy personalized cookies and store them in formal prom dresses clear plastic favor bags tied with satin ribbon.? Pile up the favors on tiered cake pedestals by the reception exits or place at people’s place setting and for a small cost and minimal work you have created a delightful, personalized wedding favor that people will love. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Do-it-Yourself Once & Combine it!

The easiest, most-effective way to save funds is to only buy the necessities.? Some of the items expected at weddings are centerpieces, place card holders for table settings (if you’ve a sit down reception), wedding favors, and decorations that pop.? If you can combine even a couple of those necessities, it will save you a huge chunk of your price range, and no one will ever know anything is missing!? Let me explain: With all the options out there today, you can find beautiful favors that translate into other wedding accessories.? For instance, if you’ve a sit down dinner or assigned seating at your reception, choose place card holders that complement and enhance your decorations.? The place card holders can double as favors that guests can bring home and use as photo holders.? Furthermore, if you buy extras, you are able to put photos in excess place card holders and add to the existing décor.? A nice idea that one of my bridal customers used was to compile pictures of every guest, placing them in these “photo place card holders” and setting them at each person’s place setting.?

This unique idea showed guests to their seats while also suggesting how they can be used later, at home. For weddings without pre-arranged seating, the financial savings can be unbelievable.? If you carefully choose a charming favor that compliments your wedding décor, you’ll be able to simply stack them in the middle of tables and create a wedding favor centerpiece.? Stack extras in other decorated places, and you have favors that have covered three of the four expected wedding accessories.? Flowers are extremely expensive.? If you find a favor that doubles as a centerpiece and added wedding decorations, you’ll be able to afford to buy fewer flowers, saving you a large chunk of change.? As an added bonus, there will be much less to clean after the reception, because half the decorations will have been happily “clean away” by your guests! Order Online This simple strategy will save you a bundle of money, time and effort.? Rather than hopping in your car, sitting in traffic, visiting several stores, wasting gas, and at the end of the day finding nothing appealing, save oneself the trouble.? Stay home with that fiancé of yours and type “American wedding favors” (might as well boost the economic climate in the process) into your favorite search engine and shop through the listings.? A task that would normally waste at least one shop prom dresses full day and a pocketful of gas funds (more unnecessary money removed from the wedding spending budget), you can complete more than your lunch break and at a major discount from a fancy boutique.? The online stores do not have the overhead of brick and mortar shops, so they can pass the savings on to customers. Hopefully you find these money-saving tips helpful.? The very best part about these ideas is that no one will ever feel like you skimped on important wedding elements, or even suspect that you had been on a tight price range.? By following these funds saving strategies, you will be able to save a large portion of one’s budget, still have that beautiful wedding you usually wanted and play host to some very happy guests.

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20 Sep

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